Lake Hamilton
Water Falls, Prime Ministers, Kelpies and Cricketers

Just 20km west of Hamilton, lie two exceptional waterfalls, Nigretta and Wannon Falls.

The Wannon Falls, created by lava flow that surged upstream to the Wannon River, feature a spectacular hardened basalt lava over which water cascades into a deep plunge pool below. Further downstream, rapids wind their way around large blocks of basalt, dislodged over time down the embankments of the narrow valley.A cantilevered viewing platform at the Wannon Falls offer spectacular views and a rotunda features interpretative signage for visitors, covering geology, flora and fauna, Koori history and details of colonial artists who painted in the area.

Nigretta Falls has excellent viewing areas, river walks, barbeque facilities with redgum picnic tables, toilets, fishing areas and a jarrah timber stairway leading to the base of the falls for the more adventurous walker.

Continue along the Glenelg highway to Coleraine, home of the Points Arboretum, historic railway station and Glenelg Fine Chocolates. Coleraine is the former home of Helena Rubenstein.

It has a horse racing club the Coleraine Racing Club, which runs the Coleraine Cup meeting in September. The meeting features the steeplechase race commemorating the feats of district horsemen and renowned Australian poet Adam lindsay Gordon.

On from Coleraine and from the top of the Muntham Hills there are great views of the surrounding countryside. Then descending into the next town Casterton, birthplace of the famous Australian Kelpie sheepdog, first bred at the Warrock Station in 1870 and now home to the Nationally famous Australian Landmark Kelpie Muster held in June each year.

Head north towards Dergholm home of the "Pub in the Scrub" and

Baileys Rocks are a series of enormous and unusual green-coloured granite boulders in a dry creek bed within the northern section of Dergholm State Park

Double back towards Casteron to visit Worrack homestead  with 57 buildings and related structures, dating from George Robertson's first settlement in 1844. Building inlcudes woolsheds, a freestanding conservatory, brick lined saw-pit, original cottages, sheds, coach house, blacksmith's shop, stables, stys, barns, together with an extensive range of original equipment.

Travel east towards Bilstons Tree which is considered to have the largest volume of millable river red gum in the world. It is thought to be 800 years old and stands over 40 m high with a girth of seven metres, consisting of 9100 cubic feet of timber.

"Nareen Station" in Nareen was home of former Prime Minister Malcolm Frasier Australia's 22nd Prime Minister.

Fuurther north is Harrow – a quaint little town on the Major Mitchell Trail. Home of the Johnny Mullagh Cricket Centre a Tribute to the Aboriginal Criket Team of 1868. It tells the story of the first criket team to tour England There ís also a historic jail, pioneer house and a pub with a fascinating history

Then on to  Balmoral township on the Glenelg River and gateway to Rocklands Reservoir. The road to the reservoir passes the Balmoral Golf Club in its natural bushland setting and a 12 minute drive will bring you to Rocklands Spillway with barbeque facilities, fishing, boating, bush walking and camping areas, plus scenic views of the Grampians. Back at Balmoral take the Cavendish before returning to Hamilton.

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