Lake Hamilton
Spectacular Gampians views
Discover the sights, sounds and inspiring flavours of Dunkeld. Visit the picturesque village for views of the Great Dividing Range,
explore the Arboretum and have a meal at the award-winning Royal Mail Hotel.
Walk down Dunkeld's main street and visit local shops and cafes before tucking into a decadent meal at the acclaimed Royal Mail
Hotel, winner of two chefs hats from The Age Good Food Guide. A destination in itself, the restaurant sources fresh produce locally.
View from above
Hike up Mount Sturgeon, Mount Abrupt or the Piccaninny and be rewarded with sweeping views of the Southern Grampians range.
Opt for a self-guided tour or join Grampians Eco Tours for a half or full-day jaunt.
Wander through the Arboretum's walking track and be inspired by native flora and serene billabongs shaded by river red gum an
stringy back forests. Complete your journey with a quiet moment taking in the view of Mount Abrupt at sunset.
Narrapumelap Mansion Wickliff.
Travel on to Wickliff to visit Narrapumelap. Narrapumelap was built in 1873 and is an impressive French Gothic Mansion in the
west of Victoria. Its original owner, John Dixon Wyselaskie (1818-1883) was a successful pastoralist and a philanthropist with
his own intriguing life story.
Visit and discover more about his life and enjoy the dynamic revival of his house that can only be described as a national
treasure Visit Narrapumelap and let yourself be taken to a world of elegance, charm and serenity.
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